Basics of Stormwater Management and Design for Architects, Civil Engineers, and Land Planners

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article that explains the importance of effective stormwater management and discusses the latest trends in stormwater design.

Stormwater Management Basics: What You Need to Know
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Stormwater management is a critical aspect of environmental engineering that involves the proper control, treatment, and disposal of runoff from rain, snowmelt, and other precipitation events. The goal of stormwater management is to prevent flooding, minimize erosion, protect water quality, and ensure public safety.

To achieve these objectives, engineers, architects, and planners must follow a comprehensive approach that includes the use of various best management practices (BMPs) and technologies. These tools can help capture, store, and treat stormwater, thereby reducing the burden on drainage systems and minimizing the risk of water pollution.

One of the latest trends in stormwater management is the use of green infrastructure, which involves the incorporation of natural elements such as vegetation, soils, and permeable pavement into the design. Green infrastructure can help create more sustainable and resilient landscapes that can better withstand the effects of heavy rainfall and extreme weather events.

Another key trend in stormwater management is the use of low-impact development (LID) techniques, which aim to mimic the natural water cycle by capturing and filtering stormwater on-site. LID practices include rain gardens, vegetated swales, green roofs, and permeable pavement, among others. These practices can help reduce urban heat island effects, improve air quality, and enhance the overall aesthetic quality of the urban environment.

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